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As promised, the photos from meeting Mindless Self Indulgence outside after the gig last night…

They were all so lovely, and funny and awesome! Jack (the dude) has the best posed photos out of all of us I think - but Sophia (the blonde fittie) and I (new hair since last I posted on here!) have some pretty cool shots too. I got my comic signed by everyone; Soph had her ticket signed; and Jack had his ticket and his t-shirt signed (although he didn’t get Kitty’s signature on it, since we met her ages before the others/we had the idea for his shirt to be signed!!)


Kitty was great and said she ‘felt like a bag lady with all her toiletries and cosmetics in her hand’. She’s just so sweet!

Jimmy was hilarious - and I told him to get his gorgeous wife over to the UK already! He was like 'I'm trying, I'm trying!' and said how awesome her show was in Vegas ^_^

LynZ was (as a lot of people say) kind and adorable. She warmed up my hands in hers, gave us hugs, and was just the loveliest. I got to show her my Mark Ryden ‘Nurse Sue’ tattoo as well (she was freakin’ impressed with it!) and when I said I would be getting some of her artwork done as a tattoo somehow she was like 'YES! Let's do that! You have to show me when it's done…and let me know if you need any help with it!'

Steve was the last we met and he was so great! I’m pretty sure he was a little (if not a lot-tle) bit drunk; but he was kind enough to sign our stuff and take pictures with us. 


Every second of that show and afterwards was freakin’ perfect. I hope everyone else who gets to see them on this tour has just as-amazing a time as we did!! :D <3 

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