Bienvenue a LyzsiLand

[Mindless Self Indulgence: Saturday 27th October 2012 - O2 Academy Birmingham]

Mindless Self Indulgence last night were FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!


There’s only a few no-so-blurry-photos (my friend Jack too all pictures); but I can’t believe I got my comic signed by all of them!! That’s a hella long story - but suffice to say, it was freakin’ awesome and the photos from meeting everyone will be up after these are done ^_^

P.S. If you were one of the people after the show to ‘catch one of Jimmy’s cigarettes’ - I’m sorry to say they weren’t his :P My friend Jack had bought a new pack that night (only smoking one of them) and handed it to Jimmy to sign - at which point Jimmy told him “I’m going to save your life right now” and ripped the top off of the pack with his teeth before throwing them around…

Jack’s still miffed - but I say enjoy the free smoke! It definitely wasn’t Jimmy’s ;-D 

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